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Lexus CT200h

Lexus CT200h

Lexus: CT200h Launch Campaign

Having outperformed client expectations with the LFA campaign, I was brought back in to handle the online launch of Lexus’ flagship luxury hybrid, the CT200h. Working with Walton Isaacson, I led the ideation, creation and build of the rich media ads, event registration sites, and multiple, pan-demographic mobile websites (general market, African American and Hispanic).

The Zombie Survival Guide

The Zombie Survival Guide

There have been many zombie survival guides making their way online over the last few years, but they all have one major flaw. They operate under the outdated and erroneous assumption that all zombies are slow-moving dull-witted sloths with limited motor functions. Quite how this portrayal of zombies came into being is unknown (although it probably stems back to the cataleptic state associated with zombies in Haiti, created by voodoo, however the victims of these ritual attacks are not truly zombies; they’re just chemically enslaved and therefore have no will of their own).

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