7 Worlds Collide

7 Worlds Collide

When special guests, really means special. My wife and I turned up at Largo last night expecting to see Neil Finn doing his usual solo (or semi-solo) act, but wow, what a surprise. Largo has a habit of keeping quiet about the line-up of their “special guests” so even finding out that Neil was on the roster was a stroke of luck. What we didn’t expect was six members of the 7 Worlds Collide project appearing on stage – i.e. Neil Finn, KT Tunstall, Jon Brion, Elroy Finn, Lisa Germano and Bic Runga, who were in LA to meet with record execs and promote the second 7 Worlds album (that will be coming out later this year). All of these guys are incredibly talented musicians, jumping round the stage, rotating from instrument to instrument.

Taking turns on guitar, bass, piano and xylophone. It was one of the most chaotic, unorganized gigs I’ve ever seen, but was also one of the most fun. They performed a number of tracks (publicly) for the first time ever, including KT Tunstall’s new up-coming single which was both comical and astounding, changing from an acoustic to rock sound driven by necessity. Her (acoustic) guitar failed about thirty seconds in, so she started ad-libbing about the guitar while she tried another, which also failed. Bic darted across the stage and handed KT her (Bic’s) electric, which KT grabbed and started shredding, giving the track a whole new feel – actually think I prefer it that way. But for me, the show stealer had to be Jon Brion. The man is a genius; I’ve never seen anyone get the kind of sounds out of a guitar that he does. Seriously, imagine Ray Charles playing keyboards, but coming from a guitar – simply amazing. Look out for the new album later this year.

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  • 9of1


    Great interview with Neil Finn on NPR today, all about seven worlds collide, the various members and how the whole thing came to be. The profits go to Oxfam – same charity Feed the World was tied in with I think. That talked at some length about the studio Neil setup in New Zealand, which sounds very similar to Peter Gabriel”s Real World Studio. You might be able to find a podcast on NPR.


  • Finnatic


    I am a total Neil Finn fan! That show sounded great! I wish I could have seen them and heard teh brilliance they must have made on stage.


  • Nesma


    Beautiful song! Although to be honest, I was relaly hoping that girl would just tear it up and start singing and playing the shit out of that piano, lol.It’s so weird how people’s deaths can affect us so strangely. The owner of one of my favorite bars was killed tragically in an accident almost two years ago. He was in his early-mid 30s, had a young daughter, and was one of the sweetest people ever. I went to school with his younger brother. He was always so HAPPY to see me and would always give me a huge hug. He was adorable. When he died, I just lived in a state of shock for months. We weren’t even close, but it tore my heart out. Into the Mystic by Van Morrison is the song that makes me think of him. They played it at his service and I just love listening to it when I want to feel connected to something. It’s hard to explain


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