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Digital Director & Creative Technologist

I fuse marketing and tech to create award-winning, first-to-market platforms, products and business solutions. I posses a deep understanding of the digital landscape from ad serving, analytics and optimization, to the development of complex enterprise solutions. I conceptualize, consult upon and manage world-class campaigns, products and platforms form soup to nuts, and back to soup…

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If you've ever had your site or app meltdown due to a capacity overload, a scalable cloud solution is probably what you've been missing.
The majority of my work falls into the Web and Mobile category, be they simple apps, or enterprise class platforms.
Experiential marketing is the new frontier, thanks to microcontrollers, and the immersive environments they allow you to create.
I love striking imagery, and while tech is my strongest area, I like to do a little art and photography to keep myself sharp.