Achmed’s BombSweeper

Achmed's BombSweeper

Jeff Dunham: Bomb Sweeper

Achmed’s Bombsweeper is an HTML5 game based around award-winning comedian Jeff Dunham’s ventriloquist character, Achmed the Terrorist. The principles of the game are based on the mechanics of Minesweeper, with a few minor tweaks and lots of smack talk between actions and levels.

Built entirely on Node.js, JSON and MongoDB (best viewed in Chrome), using scalable vector graphics (SVGs), the build is streamlined and optimized to handle as many users as possible on a single server, which it does with ease thanks to Node.js’s parallel processing capabilities. I consulted extensively with Liquid Advertising during the conceptualization and storyboarding phases, and managed all facets of the development process from the dev team and infrastructure, to load testing and deployment.

  • Just launched, stats coming soon
  • Deceptively simple, yet complex App
  • Flash-like experience, built entirely in JavaScript (Node.js)
  • Desktop and Tablet compatible

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  • Abel


    I was very disappointed to find that Jeff Dunham was clanelced. I told my neighbors to watch him , but unfortunately he was not on anymore. How could they cancel him when he was so entertaining, and the commedienes who still perform are not even funny. Jeff Dunham is brilliant and creative. I wish we could have him back on comedy Central What a loss to everyone who enjoyed him. Bring him back , and make a lot of people happy. I guess high ratings don’t count


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