MTV & AT&T: Back-Flip

I led conceptualization, R&D, development, tech strategy and publisher integration on a series of VoIP rich media demos that MTV used to pitch, as part of a media offering, to numerous advertisers from AT&T to Toyota. During the R&D cycle, we tested and eliminated numerous third-party VoIP providers due to security or quality issues, until we had a fully baked product. With each iteration, a focus group was conducted to test functionality, consumer reaction and likelihood of engagement.

The final product (a world first) was a Rich Media (ad) phone simulator, mirroring Motorola‚Äôs own online offerings, but with the added benefit of letting users to make up to three 10-minute phone calls anywhere in the US or Canada — even the ability to leave voice mails for the celebrity artists featured in the campaign.

  • First-to-Market Rich Media execution
  • Enabled $4.5MM media buy from AT&T
  • 16.5% Interaction Rate
  • 6.5 minute Average Brand Time
  • 1st MTV/Panache Rich Media unit to expand outside of player

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Comments (3)

  • FredricoXO


    What VoIP services did you use for this?


    • Yannick


      The service I used for this is not around anymore, but Twilio would work just as well.


  • Fred


    How neat! Is it really this siempl? You make it look easy.


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