Anatomy of Human Destructiveness

Anatomy of Human Destructiveness

Are we set on a course of self-destruction? Our species sits at a crossroads in our social evolution that will either take us to the brink of annihilation, peering into the jaws of Hades with world-wide chaos so climactic that it will make an eternity of torture at the hands of Satan and all his little minions seem like a day at the seaside—or, if we can stop bickering and realize the oneness of the human race (i.e. get over our pettiness, bigotry and pathetic prejudices), create the elusive technologically driven utopia we were sold as kids. Staring down the barrel of global warming, one has to ponder what the future holds. What are the implications for us thirty to forty years from now? How will that affect our kids, our livelihoods?

Dark Souls Buddha Finger

Dark Souls Buddha Finger

Ever since I got my hands on my first computer, I’ve been a gaming junkie. It’s what got me into computers in the first place, and is in no small part the motivation behind all the car washing, snow clearing, milk rounds, paper rounds and other assorted jobs I did as a kid, to get my grubby mitts on the latest hardware, SDKs and hacking tools.

Dark Souls Quick Start Guide

Dark Souls Quick Start Guide

Having unsuccessfully introducing some fellow techies to Dark Souls, I decided to make a walkthrough video to help them get started. Look for the other parts on my Youtube channel, or just select from the end screen (assuming your eyes haven’t glazed over).

Clorox Kingsford


Kingsford: Game Day Grill Check

Provided end-to-end consultancy to Tribal DDB and Clorox, working directly with Clorox’s CTO on the integration of the platform with Kingsford’s site and “Mercle” data warehouse. Consultancy on feasibility, functionality, UX\UI; developing prototypes; and testing capabilities to manage time as effectively possible.

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