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Kingsford: Game Day Grill Check

Provided end-to-end consultancy to Tribal DDB and Clorox, working directly with Clorox’s CTO on the integration of the platform with Kingsford’s site and “Mercle” data warehouse. Consultancy on feasibility, functionality, UX\UI; developing prototypes; and testing capabilities to manage time as effectively possible.

I prevented an app meltdown by evangelizing a Goole Pro partnership; not doing so would have been disastrous as over 3,500 users entered on the first and second days (hundreds of times over the most optimistic expectations). I also limited barriers by integrating the user login with the parent site, and optimized data and load balancing to handle the traffic volume.

  • Over 3.5K registrants per day in first two days
  • Over 60,000 unique registrations
  • Most successful Kingsford online campaign to date
  • Prevented App meltdown with proper strategic planning
  • Six weeks from concept through R&D to completion

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