Dark Souls Buddha Finger

Dark Souls Buddha Finger

Ever since I got my hands on my first computer, I’ve been a gaming junkie. It’s what got me into computers in the first place, and is in no small part the motivation behind all the car washing, snow clearing, milk rounds, paper rounds and other assorted jobs I did as a kid, to get my grubby mitts on the latest hardware, SDKs and hacking tools.

While I don’t get to play as often these days, when I do, I play Dark Souls. This sadistically hard game is a beautifully crafted slice of classic gaming, reminiscent of the early, hard-as-nails titles of the 80s…When games dumped you in a rat infested cave, burning tunnel, war zone with all guns blazing or some equally hospitable environment, with no instructions, and left you to sink or swim. Which usually meant sink.

My wife got me a copy of Reason last Crimbo, as I’d been threatening to buy a copy for a while, but hadn’t gotten round to it. I’d also started using Premiere for some Youtube walkthroughs and wanted to sharpen my skills; so, for a bit of a laugh, I did a quick PvP video combining the three.

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Comments (3)

  • FutureWorldLeader


    Hah, that’s freakin’ funny. Is this the game you were telling me about?


  • zZ-teHwicker-Zz


    LOL, I thought you were a ganker when you first summoned me,


  • DreadoftheAbyss


    Laying on it again for the choon.


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