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Auduino DMX Theremin Synth Part 2

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I know, I know, it’s been moths since my last post, but paid work takes precedence over my blog. I also had to find a good excuse to invest in Max MSP – which fortunately presented itself a few weeks ago. Having poked around with Max a bit more, I have to admit, I’ve fallen in love.

With my new love in hand, I decided to use it (Max) for everything bar input, leaving the Arduino acting as a simple control surface. This way it can be used to control anything from pyrotechnics to video playback, or even browser navigation via Firmata & Max or Firmata & BreakoutJS.

About this project…

Hardware: 3 large photoresistors, 3 (4.7 ohm) potentiometers, an Arduino, an Enttec DMX USB Pro, MacBook Pro and a project case.

Software: Max MSP, Firmata, Maxduino and DMXUSBPro externals for Max.

I started out by recovering my Arduino and potentiometers from my previous synth project, so that I could repurpose them in this new box. After drilling holes, smoothing and painting edges (to give them a nice red highlight), I covered the box with balsa wood (which is super easy to work with), re-drilled the holes, then stained and lacquered the box. In addition to giving the box a deep gloss, the lacquer hardens the wood, which would damage very easily otherwise.

Setting up the Enttec DMX USB Pro threw me for a few minutes (helps to read the manufacturers info properly) because the default drivers don’t work in Maverick’s. You have to download the VCP (Virtual Com Port) driver from the FTDI site and install via terminal (which takes less than two minutes).

So here it is finally, a Max, Arduino, DMX Theremin – e.g. The MushiVox. Enjoy!

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