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Pi Kiosk

Pi Kiosk

A little while back I was part of a pitch for an experiential campaign. The idea was to build mobile kiosks that could be taken out by street teams, so that the public could interact with them in random places, and potentially win tickets to a Broadway show. The solution our manufacturing partner recommended was extremely heavy and cumbersome (laptops, monitors, marine batteries etc.), so I decided to take a look at a Raspberry Pi based solution.

Auduino DMX Theremin Synth Part 1

Auduino DMX Theremin Synth Part 1

Back in my teens, when my dad found out that I was getting into electronic music, he said “any monkey, given enough time, can twiddle a couple of knobs and make something vaguely musical”. Well, he was right. That said, he also told me that playing with computers would never amount to anything and that I was throwing my life away. While I may not have become the classically trained musician he would have liked me to be, I’ve found that music and technology can fuse quite nicely.

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