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Who am I, and what do I do, you ask?

How much time do you have?
Probably not much.
I’ll use it wisely.

Creative Technologist

Marketing Maestro

We live in the most exciting time for technological innovation

People assume I’m a programmer. I’m not.

I’m a seasoned agency professional who knows enough to be dangerous. To your competitor.

Modern Marketer

Futureproof Marketer

Digital is the new default.

Agencies and corporations need to adapt. AI, Personalization and Automation are here to stay.

The question is, how can you leverage your data?


Technologist, Agile Leader

I’ve managed technology development for everything from rich media banners to megalithic enterprise platforms such as

My expertise runs across a broad spectrum of platforms and technologies that transform agencies and corporations alike.


Creative, Design, Photography

Thanks to my arts and industrial engineering background, visual communication has always been a big part of what I offer.

I shoot for fun and as an outlet for my social commentary, like here to reflect my concerns on the ethical use of data (Facebook graph electoral harvesting/manipulation, as an example).


IoT, Microcontrollers, Blockchain

AR/VR, IoT, Microcontrollers and Blockchain technology offer massive new opportunities, from secure transactions and democratized data storage to fully immersive environments.

Like big data, most marketers are barely scratching the surface of what’s possible.

It’s a brave new world. I can help you navigate it.

Project Samples

Toyota USA


Client Partner
Hitman Hitbooth

"Hitman" Hitbooth

Creative Technologist/Engineer

VW/Kraftwerk Gifaway

Technical Director

CA Technologies

CD/AD/Technical Director

Upgrade Your Vision

The Future Is Now

Marketers love the new and shiny. We can’t help it. It drives our evolution. But it only works when it’s part of a greater whole. Experience is what matters.

It isn’t enough to shout at customers anymore.
We have to create a connection.

Something tangible.
A feeling.
Or better still, awe.

"In God we trust. All others must bring data."

W. Edwards Deming

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