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My professional portfolio seamlessly integrates product strategy, creative and conceptual development, technological innovation, product management, marketing, and business management. My adept understanding of the nuanced jargon and intricacies within the realms of design, development, and business has uniquely positioned me to spearhead the creation of groundbreaking products, innovative marketing campaigns, and cutting-edge apps and platforms. This holds true for both global brands and ambitious startups alike.

At the core of my approach is a fundamental question: What are we aiming to achieve? This is closely followed by an unwavering commitment to defining the metrics for success and understanding our Return on Investment (ROI). These foundational principles serve as the guiding force behind every facet of my work.

Allow me to share some notable examples that encapsulate the spectrum of my past achievements…

GasBuddy App and Web

Product Strategy & Design

As the Vice President of Strategy at PDI Technologies, I spearheaded the comprehensive product strategy initiatives for GasBuddy across various platforms, including mobile applications and web interfaces. Throughout this tenure, I played a pivotal role in formulating, designing, and successfully launching several innovative features and services, among which is the groundbreaking Loyalty Connect.

Loyalty Connect represents a cutting-edge feature within the GasBuddy application, empowering users to seamlessly link their station loyalty programs. This innovative capability allows them to strategically stack their rewards, unlocking additional discounts and enhancing their overall experience. Every product feature introduced under my strategic leadership was meticulously crafted to not only deliver substantial benefits to our user base but also to strategically position the company for heightened sales and new revenue opportunities, resulting in a multi-million dollar incremental profit.

This underscores the effectiveness of our strategic approach, where user-centric enhancements translated into tangible financial success.

GasBuddy Credit Card

Product Development, Design and Strategy

During my tenure at PDI Technologies, I orchestrated the successful launch of GasBuddy's innovative credit card program. This cutting-edge fintech product was strategically crafted to empower users with lower credit ratings to build their scores, all while enjoying additional savings on their fuel expenses.

The program was initially introduced to a carefully selected group of active users, allowing us to meticulously assess its viability and gauge user acceptance. Following this targeted launch, we strategically implemented a gradual rollout to the broader market. This approach not only ensured a methodical testing of the product's effectiveness but also facilitated adjustments based on real-time feedback from users.

The GasBuddy credit card program represents a significant leap forward in GasBuddy’s commitment to providing financial solutions that go beyond conventional offerings. By merging the realms of fintech and fuel savings, GasBuddy not only helps users improve their credit profiles but also revolutionizes the way they experience and benefit from the platform.

ChargeBuddy App and Web

Product Development, Design and Strategy

During my tenure at PDI Technologies, I also spearheaded the conceptual development of ChargeBuddy, an electric vehicle (EV) focused application. This innovative platform draws upon the same core concepts that underpin GasBuddy, but with a distinct focus on catering to the unique needs of EV drivers and vehicles.

My responsibilities encompassed comprehensive brand research and development, wherein I played a key role in shaping the identity of ChargeBuddy. Additionally, I led the design team through the prototyping phase, ensuring the seamless integration of the app's full functionality. This involved meticulous research and selection of third-party APIs and data services to enhance the user experience.

In parallel, I took charge of formulating revenue models and conducted consumer research to align the app with market demands. The culmination of these efforts resulted in the official announcement of ChargeBuddy in mid-2023, and it is currently in the active stages of development.

The journey with ChargeBuddy exemplifies my commitment to driving innovation in the tech industry, bringing forth exciting solutions that cater to the evolving landscape of electric vehicles.

EcoBlocks (Now ZeLoop)

Product Development, Design and Strategy

In 2019, I conceived and developed a groundbreaking platform aimed at incentivizing the recycling of plastic waste. This initiative was born in response to the challenges faced by the recycling industry and the impact of China's ban on importing US waste. Recognizing a fundamental flaw in curbside recycling—lack of incentives and education—I set out to address these issues head-on.

While a significant number of individuals engage in daily recycling activities, the effectiveness is often compromised due to poor sorting and contamination with non-recyclable materials, leading much of the waste to end up in landfills. In response, I pioneered EcoBlocks, a platform that leverages a native cryptocurrency to not only incentivize responsible consumer behavior but also to provide reverse logistics tools for industries and governments. These tools enable the tracking of plastic use and the establishment of robust systems of accountability.

Fast forward to 2021, EcoBlocks joined forces with ZeLoop, and our native currency, $ERW, was successfully launched and began trading on multiple exchanges. The cutting-edge technology behind ZeLoop is also made available as a white-label service, empowering other eco-tech initiatives such as International Recycling Groups and the NewBin project.

BP Rebrand and Website

Branding and Web Design

During my early career in design and web development, I had the privilege of undertaking a contracting role with Grey Dark in London from 2000 to 2001. My engagement revolved around the rebranding and web launch of, a project that birthed the iconic Helios logo.

The genesis of the Helios logo traces back to an early navigational prototype that ingeniously employed the concept of a gas hob with interactive flames for site navigation. Although the final styling of the website underwent significant simplification, the enduring essence of the idea persisted, serving as the cornerstone for the present identity. Notably, the site's design remained largely unchanged until 2019, adhering to the foundational design principles established during that initial period. As such, it proudly stands as the longest-running piece in my portfolio.

This experience not only marked a formative phase in my career but also highlights the lasting impact of innovative concepts. The Helios logo and its associated design principles continue to endure, showcasing the timeless quality of a well-crafted and forward-thinking design that has stood the test of time in the dynamic landscape of digital branding.

Illusio Imaging – AR App and Platform

Product Strategy, Design and Development

Illusio Imaging stands as a groundbreaking Augmented Reality (AR) platform that revolutionizes the way plastic surgeons interact with patients seeking breast augmentation. This innovative tool allows surgeons to provide patients with a realistic preview of their potential surgery results, fostering a comprehensive understanding before any procedures take place. Beyond the visual aspect, Illusio Imaging plays a pivotal role in minimizing the occurrence of repeat surgeries, addressing unmet expectations.

My integral role in this transformative project involved the design of both the patient and surgeon iPad applications, alongside the creation of the surgeon admin and analytics platform. The comprehensive suite of applications I crafted ensures a seamless and informative experience for both patients and surgeons.

The impact of Illusio Imaging reverberated across the industry, earning it multiple accolades, including the prestigious 2016 Frontier Tech Showdown award for Augmented Reality. This recognition is a testament to the platform's innovative contribution to the intersection of healthcare and technology, illustrating how it has not only improved patient satisfaction but also significantly advanced the field of plastic surgery through cutting-edge AR solutions.

VW/Kraftwerk – VW GIFAway

Web Dev, Guerrilla Marketing

In a critical eleventh-hour intervention for Deutsche, I assumed the role of a fixer tasked with constructing a microsite platform for VW to salvage a Kraftwerk concert at MOMA NY from potential failure. The urgency arose due to the MOMA ticketing site crashing upon the concert announcement, thrusting organizers into a chaotic scramble for a solution.

In an extraordinary feat, within a mere five days, I collaborated with a single developer and the creative team at Deutsche to conceive, construct, and deploy a dynamic sweepstakes platform designed to seamlessly accommodate over one million unique users daily. The site not only averted the looming crisis but emerged as a resounding success, earning accolades such as the 2013 Ex Award for Best PR stunt.

This whirlwind project not only showcased the prowess of quick thinking and strategic execution but also demonstrated the transformative impact of agile solutions. The accolades garnered, including the prestigious Ex Award, underscored the effectiveness of our intervention, turning a potential disaster into a triumph and solidifying the project's standing as a standout success in the realm of experiential marketing and web development.

Square Enix – Hitman-Hitboard

Tech Innovation, IoT, Experiential Marketing

The Hitman-Hitboard stands out as an innovative experiential marketing device crafted for the launch of the Hitman movie. Deployed at E3 and Comic-Con, unsuspecting attendees were enticed to an innocuous-looking kiosk under the guise of obtaining showtime and location information, coupled with a quick selfie. Little did they anticipate a thrilling encounter with the hitman himself!

In my capacity as a consultant to Liquid Advertising, I conceived and executed a cutting-edge IoT-driven air gun system, ingeniously assembled from common plumbing parts readily available at Home Depot. Concealed within the speaker cabinets, these air guns unleashed a blast of air and simulated gunfire sounds, synchronized with bullet holes dynamically appearing on the screen. The result was an immersive experience that garnered resounding praise and rave reviews from attendees.

This project not only showcased my expertise in conceptualization and execution but also exemplified the power of merging creativity and technology for an unforgettable marketing experience. The Hitman-Hitboard succeeded in not just promoting the movie but in creating a memorable and interactive encounter that resonated with attendees and left an indelible mark on their event experiences.

Lexus - 360 Video Booth

Tech Innovation, IoT, Experiential Marketing

Crafted specifically for the James Beard Awards, the 360 photo-booth offered attendees a novel experience—a 360-degree video-selfie ready for instant sharing on social media platforms. As the visionary behind this project, I engineered the IoT technology that seamlessly orchestrated the rotation of a robotic arm, encircling the booth to capture the captivating video footage.

In addition to the physical mechanics, I also designed the intricate technology facilitating the smooth transfer of the captured footage from the video capture app to a cluster of iPads. These iPads hosted a companion application, empowering attendees to effortlessly tag themselves and their friends before sharing the immersive content across their social media channels.

This innovative photo-booth has since become a staple at numerous events, earning the esteemed moniker of "the ultimate selfie experience." Its widespread deployment is a testament to its success in delivering not just a photo, but an interactive and shareable moment that enhances the overall event experience. The 360 photo-booth exemplifies the intersection of technology and experiential marketing, creating a buzzworthy sensation at every venue it graces.

CA Technologies – Booth Experience

Product Development, Design, Experiential Marketing

In the course of my consulting endeavors, I undertook the comprehensive development of the experiential marketing platform for CA Technologies booths at the RSA and Mobile World Congress events in 2014. This project represented a monumental effort, incorporating numerous digital touchpoints, including expansive video messaging boards, content-rich interactive information kiosks, and engaging quiz applications.

Assuming a leadership role, I orchestrated every aspect of the project, overseeing the design and development of all digital and motion graphics assets. From the initial stages of concept creation and storyboarding to the final delivery and on-site setup, my responsibilities extended across the entire spectrum of the project life cycle.

This initiative not only showcased my proficiency in managing multifaceted projects but also demonstrated my capacity to deliver a seamless and captivating experiential marketing platform. The successful execution of this endeavor significantly elevated CA Technologies' presence at these high-profile events, providing attendees with an immersive and interactive engagement that left a lasting impact.

Toyota – Digital Transformation

Technology Management and Agile Transformation

During my tenure overseeing the web development account, I spearheaded a comprehensive interagency digital transformation initiative. This involved the establishment of agile practices spanning product management to prototyping, effectively eliminating redundant and costly development initiatives that previously never came to fruition.

In parallel, I played a pivotal role in shaping the vision and content strategy for the Toyota website. Collaborating closely with the agency of record, Saatchi, I championed innovation and advocated for user experience best practices. This concerted effort resulted in the creation of the smoothest and best-performing pages to date, contributing to a remarkable 40-point lift in JD Power scores.

This transformative journey exemplifies my commitment to driving efficiency and excellence in digital initiatives. By implementing agile methodologies and prioritizing innovation, we not only streamlined development processes but also significantly enhanced the user experience, ultimately translating into tangible success metrics for the platform.

Dignity Health - Heartbeat Symphony

Product Development, Tech Innovation

Originating as a passion project, harnessing the heartbeats of hospital staff to craft a musical masterpiece, the Heartbeat Symphony swiftly evolved into a expansive consumer experience, earning accolades such as an ICAD - Digital Design Award and a Clio Innovation Award. In my role as Technology Director, I spearheaded the development of the entire platform, a feat that included designing a webcam-based heart rate monitor for detecting users' heart rates.

Our creative process involved filming a thirty-part orchestra from multiple angles, coupled with the creation of a sophisticated music sequencer. This sequencer ingeniously assigned users' heart rates to various instruments and segments of the composition, adapting to their individual speeds. As users registered on the site, the musical opus expanded, ultimately culminating in an astonishing over seven (7) hours of unique, continuous music.

This venture not only showcased my technical leadership but also demonstrated the power of merging technology and creativity. Winning prestigious awards, the Heartbeat Symphony not only engaged users in a unique and personal way but also pushed the boundaries of digital innovation, creating an experience that resonated both emotionally and technically.